Saturday, 16 October 2021

Thanks for caring

 Re my leg and the falling over.....thank you for your concern, but I don't think it's anything sinister.  I've fallen over 4 times now in the past few weeks - twice outside, both on uneven ground (a beach and a field), and twice indoors, both times when I've just got out of bed, so am very, very stiff and very groggy as still half asleep.  I think the sciatica is the result of my current bad posture caused by my hip bursitis, obviously something pressing on the sciatic nerve - I've had lower back problems, including episodes of sciatica (always down the back of my left leg) ever since I was 19 and had a slipped disc, so it's nothing new.  I'm sure the osteopathy on the 8 Nov will sort it out.  Anyway, if I go to the GP (assuming I can actually see one), I expect all they'll do is try to throw more codeine at me, or give me another referral to physiotherapy - and seeing as they have a massive backlog (and cancelled my last referral without even telling me!) I'm not at all confident that I'll get an appointment anytime soon.  But thank you very much, it's nice to know that people are concerned for me.

Very misty this morning but not at all cold, apparently it's going to be warm and wet next week.  It should be dry tomorrow when we go to the caravan to close it up for the winter, which will be good.  Our lovely van neighbour Jean has texted me a few times with little tips for getting the van ready for winter, which is nice of her.  They're old hands at it, having been at the caravan park for 10 or 12 years.  I'm sure the van will be ok - after all, it had been empty and unused for 2 years when we took it over and it was fine with no leaks at all.

Today I'm not doing much.....the indoor freezer to defrost, making some dog food, cooking a gammon and prepping veg to have when we get back from the van tomorrow.  For dinner tonight we're having homemade pasty and chips out of the freezer.  This afternoon I might watch a film and do some crocheting, husband will be out cutting a hedge for an elderly neighbour.


  1. It's not good when one feels there's no point asking for medical advice, is it?
    How nice of Jean - advice from an expert is always worth having.

  2. You have friends who care..l

  3. We do all care. I just wish I lived near enough to do something constructive! I'm sure the van will be fine over the winter, but it's handy to have someone to give you some tips for making sure. Homemade pasty and chips, ooooh, although I've just finished my lunch, that's making me feel hungry! xx

  4. Take care as you stand. As I’ve aged and developed back, knee & hip problems, intake time to just sit on the edge of the bed…. just a few seconds, the stand and get my balance before I start walking. I’m terrified of falling as I wouldn’t be able to get up. Enjoy your day.


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