Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Bit of a shock

 Well, I had an interesting (and somewhat shocking) end to the day yesterday.

For about 3 weeks now I've had loss of sensation in my right big toe - if I prod it with my fingernail I can barely feel it, it's like there's a rubber sheet covering the toe.  Sometimes, if I knock it with my other foot in bed, e.g., it's quite painful - as if I've suddenly been stabbed with loads of needles.  I assumed it was probably a diabetic problem, maybe the start of neuropathy, so rang the surgery yesterday to speak to the diabetes nurse....only to be told that she left last month (pity, she was lovely and really knowledgeable about diabetes).  When I explained the problem, the receptionist said I needed to speak to the duty doctor.  He duly rang late afternoon...after asking me lots of questions, he then said, rather disturbingly, that he didn't think it was a diabetic problem, but that the symptoms I'd described pointed to a circulatory/vascular/heart problem.  He said he would speak to a vascular consultant at the hospital and ring me straight back, he indicated that I'd most likely have to go to hospital straight away and spend the night there being tested! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

However, when he rang back he said the vascular consultant didn't think I needed to go to hospital immediately, but that I certainly needed an urgent referral to him.  The consultant said the GP should see me early the next morning to assess my foot face to face (well, face to foot ๐Ÿ˜‚) and in the meantime, whilst waiting for the urgent consultant appointment, start me immediately on anti-platelet medication.  The GP also said that if I noticed my foot changing colour during the night, or I had severe pain in it, I should go to hospital straight away (he mentioned gangrene)......well, that ensured I had very little sleep last night ๐Ÿ˜’

My toes haven't dropped off (or turned black) in the night, so I'm still here.  My appointment with the GP is at 10 am, I'll be on tenterhooks until then.  I've resisted the temptation to google anything, no point in scaring myself to death.


  1. Oh my goodness. That sounds very worrying indeed and I hope you get to see a consultant ASAP.

  2. Good heavens, an actual appointment! Fingers crossed it’s not as bad as they say but at least you will know.

  3. Oh, goodness, quite a shock, I agree, although thank goodness they are taking speedy action. No, don't Google, that's wouldn't be helpful right now.
    All the best and I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Fingers crossed that it goes well today, Don't Google it. We are all with you.xx Val

  5. Definitely Don't google! Hope all goes well and perhaps it's not what they think. Good luck with everything

  6. Whatever the cause, you've done the right thing, and are getting it checked out. Hugs. xx

  7. Good thoughts from here. Take care.

  8. Good that they have snapped into action quickly, I hope it goes okay for you. Don't Google until you know the basics and then you will be able to weed out the nonsense that could quite possibly drive you to drink but dig deeper for more helpful stuff!!


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