Friday, 15 October 2021

Bloody leg

 My leg gave way under me again this morning, if I hadn't grabbed onto my bedroom chest of drawers (knocking off some books and toiletries in the process), I'd have been on the floor again.  Interesting that it's currently my left leg with the sciatica, rather than my right hip with the bursitis, that's giving me the most trouble now.  It makes me a bit wary of going anywhere outside the house, but I just have to take my walking stick and be careful.....I can't (and won't) become a hermit and stay indoors.  A minor problem is that, bearing in mind both my legs give me problems, I'm not really sure which hand to have my walking stick in - I generally go with the right, as I'm right-handed.  Perhaps I'll ask the osteopath when I see her next month.  And no I'm not going to use one of those walking frames - I'm not ancient or an invalid just yet!! 😜😜


  1. Maybe you ought to 'try' and see your doctor about it. My sister didn't want to use a frame but does so now and says she feels far safer with it. It has a fold up seat on it so she can rest when she needs to. Without it, she would be stuck in the house.

  2. Oh dear, Sooze. It's a good thing you were able to stop yourself falling. Things like that knock your confidence, though. As to the walking frame, I wouldn't rule it out completely. If it helps, then great. After all, if your eyesight needs help, you wear glasses, if your hearing isn't great, you wear aids. It's the same thing really, it just has a bit of an image problem! You might be able to buy one cheaply from a charity shop (I've seen loads) and just try it around the house. It might only be for a short while anyway, until you get the sciatica sorted. xx

  3. We both hava walking frames (with wheels) that we keep in the car, not that Tom uses his much now. We bought nice one's with seats and bags and honestly they don't look too bad. I find a walking stick just hurts my hands and shoulders and I'm worse off (what a state to be in, lol)
    I held off for some time mostly because of pride but gave in and find it useful. I realise you couldn't use them indoors though.
    I wonder if your other leg is giving way because you are putting all the weight on that side because of the hip?

  4. Please go and see your doctor Sooze. I don't want to worry you but it might be something that needs urgent attention.

  5. Just a thought that maybe the problem with your leg could be originating in your back. Sciatica and ‘legs giving away’ can go hand in hand with low back problems.
    I second the little wheeled walking frame - it’ll give you support and make you think about where you place your feet. If you can’t find one second hand, there are some very modern looking new ones available.

  6. I agree that perhaps you should make your visit to the doctor, sooner rather than later.

    Please be careful.

    God bless.

  7. I only use a walker when I go to a mall and plan to walk around a lot. People are so kind, holding doors for me, letting me go ahead of them in line, being offered a chair when I do my banking. And if I get tired I can sit for a bit. It folds up and lives in the van until I need it. I resisted at first but then I saw the wisdom of using one. Food for thought.

  8. I'm glad you were able to save yourself but not nice, all the same. xxx


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