Thursday, 7 October 2021

I could spit....but it's not ladylike

 But then who said I was a lady?!?!

A while back husband was told by his consultant that he could go to Yeovil hospital for his prostate op if he wished, as our local big hospital in Taunton is snowed under and he wouldn't be able to have the op there for probably another year - he's already been waiting 2 years.  He said yes to Yeovil and was told he should hear from them with an op date within 4 weeks and, if not, to ring for an update.  Yesterday, I suggested he do that - he reckoned it was only about 3 weeks ago though.  I checked back (good job I keep notes of dates) - it was actually 5 weeks ago, and he's heard nothing.

So I got him to ring yesterday.....after being passed from pillar to post, put on hold etc, he finally got told that yes Taunton had passed the paperwork to Yeovil, but hadn't heard anything back.  They suggested he ring Yeovil direct and gave him the number.  Which he wrote down wrong 😒 (well, he is dyslexic so not surprising), so I googled and found the number for him.  After yet more being put on hold and passed around to different departments, he was eventually told that Yeovil have received no such referral and knew nothing about him!  So he rang Taunton back again.....his consultant's secretary wasn't there, but he's been told a message has been left for her and she'll ring him today.   Let's hope she does.

I was really hoping he would have had his op by now, or at least have an op date very it looks like it won't be anytime soon - it wouldn't surprise me if he gets it in the middle of winter.  Which is just what I didn't want.  He'll be in hospital overnight, possibly 2 nights, and will be out of action for X amount of time afterwards (we don't yet know how long, but it will definitely be several days).  Which means I've got to do absolutely everything whilst he's recuperating, not that I begrudge doing that, and take the dog out twice a day, possibly in bad weather, just like last winter when husband had his foot op and was on crutches and incapacitated for 6 weeks.  But now my hip is so much worse than it was this time last year, so walking by myself is hard enough, without having a strong dog to contend with.  And falling over worries me, I've done it a couple of times in the past few months (fortunately, once on a sandy beach, and the other time in a field, so had soft landings).  Naturally, with being older and having a bad hip, I worry about breaking bones. 

Obviously I want him to have the op - 2 years is a long time to be waiting for his prostate and bladder problems to be resolved, and to have to take 3 different meds for it daily, on top of all the heart meds he already takes.  Before anyone suggests it, a couple of neighbours have offered to help out by walking Betty - however, Betty is a very strong and stubborn dog and needs careful handling, particularly as she's anxious around other dogs and can be reactive on occasions.  The 2 people who've's very kind of them but, for differing and valid reasons, I wouldn't feel confident about either of them doing it.  I WILL cope, I always do, but it just wears me out, mentally and physically.


  1. Hi Sooze. Are you on the waiting list for a hip replacement. If not I would suggest that you set the wheels in motion as you could be on that list for two or more years. Please don't let my experience put you off as even knowing the outcome I would still have gone ahead as the hip pain was so bad. Please don't leave it till you are unable to walk.... like I did. x

  2. Re Betty, could they walk her with you there, maybe she would be okay with that? Ruby isn’t massively strong but can still yank especially after a poo:)

    1. That's a good idea, thanks (well, for one of the people who offered). Betty is 26kg of pure muscle and is extremely strong. She's pretty good on the lead for me....except if she sees a rabbit!

  3. I do hope the secretary rings back. It's so frustrating when things don't get done and you feel helpless. Have you looked into getting the op privately? It might not cost as much as you think. I agree with Cherie about your hip. If the waiting list is that long, is there any possibility of getting yourself on it now? xx

  4. Good job you are on top of all the appointments as sometimes hospitals and doctors are so frustrating. Take care, love and huge from Val x

  5. Join the club Sooze. everything is so frustrating. Let's hope you get a call today.

  6. Personally I wouldn't wait for her to ring back in case she doesn't get the message but ring her - the hospital will put you through if you ask for her - she may be on voicemail but you can then leave your own message. I have a good relationship with my consultant's secretary and she is the one who gets things moving for me. She should be able to see all the notes connected with your husband's case and perhaps can decipher what has happened.
    Good luck I feel for you and your sheer frustration. x

  7. I would suggest you try the neighbours out with you and Betty now and get them and her used to each other before your husband is at last given a date. You may find them happy to be out a few times a week and you may become better friends for when things may become difficult for you. One thing less to have to worry about.

  8. SPit away, my dear. How very, very annoying and frustrating too.

  9. My friend in Scarborough has been waiting well over two months for a heart valve word yet and was told that hopefully by the end of this year. She’s struggling to move about as she’s short of breath’s scary .


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