Sunday, 3 October 2021


 Home now, mostly unpacked and first lot of washing in the machine.  Jean promised to keep in touch by phone, it was still quite sad saying goodbye to them.  We all said how much we're looking forward to next year.  Just relaxing this afternoon and writing a shopping list - we're going to the freezer shop tomorrow to stock up on frozen foods (obviously 😁).

I made a few cards whilst we were away in the van, I've drawn all the designs in coloured pencils, art gel pens, watercolour pens or crayons, or a mixture of all of them.  I'm really getting into drawing now.

Baby ones, all on a similar theme, for my brother and his family (brother's son and DiL had baby Robin a couple of weeks ago).

Wedding card for my nephew, he gets married on Tuesday (he doesn't read my blog so won't see it).  I really like the way this card turned out.

Anniversary card for my best friend.

And a couple of pics of my lovely Betty, all snuggled up with fleece blankets in the caravan:-

She used to give me a look as if to say "Mum what the hell are you doing?!" when I covered her up with a blanket, but now she quite likes it (actually, it's more a case of giving in for a quiet life I think 😂😂).


  1. Cards looking great, well done with carrying on learning to draw.

  2. I love the cards. The recipients will be thrilled! Betty does look nice and snug in her blankets. xx

  3. What lovely cards Sooze - the recipients will love them. I always keep handmade cards from my friends.

  4. Well done on the cards. Your drawings are just lovely.

    Betty looks am my Mom would say, "Snug as a bug in a rug."

    God bless.

  5. Absolutely beautiful cards - lucky recipients!
    I'm glad Jean is staying in touch and it's lovely to have next year to look forward to.

  6. Your cards are so pretty - love the birds in a tree

  7. Lovely cards. I have a friend from back in the day when we lived on our first farm that sends me a hand drawn Christmas card every year ... the urge to frame them is great!!

    Dogs do like a good snuggle don't they.


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