Thursday, 28 October 2021

Better, and savings

 Well, I managed to shower and dress without incident, hate sitting around in my dressing gown during the day.  We already have grab rails strategically placed in the bathroom, husband put them up years ago for when my Mum came to stay, they're proving very useful when getting in and out of the bath to use the shower.  The pain is easing up a bit - standing in the shower (holding onto the grab rail) and having the hot shower spray directed at my lower back was bliss.

Marlene, thank you for the info regarding the electric heat pad, I've ordered one.  Annabeth, I do sometimes use cold compresses on my back, yesterday though I felt heat was needed.  Viv, thank you, I rested most of the day, and yes, getting up for a little walk round every hour or so, to stave off being stiff.  HH, I can't ever imagine being pain free, I think the best I can hope for will be less pain and being able to live with that, which I'm sure will be achievable with osteopathy.

Husband got the washing out of the machine (I put it in and set the timer the evening before) and pegged it on the line - he pegs it out in a very strange way I must say, but so long as it dries it doesn't matter much.  It was very windy yesterday so dried quickly.

I see Sue of A Smaller and Simpler Life is going to do a new savings challenge, using her lovely big enamel teapot.  We used to save all our copper and 5p pieces in a big jar, and £2 coins in another jar, this went towards fuel costs for our holidays.  Well, now we don't go out shopping much (even less now I've stocked up) and almost never use cash anymore, so we no longer have coins to save.  So I've restarted doing something I used to do - transferring small amounts of cash from our main bank account to our savings account....I got out of the habit of doing it regularly.  It works like this - twice a week I check our main account and round it DOWN to the next whole, if there's £555.55 (as an example) in there, I'll transfer £5.55 into our savings account, leaving £550.00 in the main account.  Doing it twice a week, even with small amounts the savings build up quite quickly, and I don't even notice the little amount missing from our main account.  I already have a standing order set up to transfer a set amount monthly into another savings account to cover our caravan site fees and our Council tax, both of which are paid annually.

There was a calculator thing in the paper yesterday morning, if you input some figures it worked out how much better or worse off you'll be following the Budget.  I did ours and the calculator estimated we'll be £10 p.w. worse off.....not really a surprise with the way prices are going up, and the Chancellor failed to mention any good news for pensioners.  So cutting costs, and saving in any way we can will be even more important.  Husband's surprise small pension windfall (which enabled us to buy the caravan) isn't going to last forever, only a few more years in fact.


  1. I'm glad the pain eased enough for you to have a relatively normal day. What a good idea to make small, regular savings. As you say, you don't miss the small amount, but it all adds up quite quickly. I do hope the amitriptyline DOES remove all your pain. I couldn't believe how it dealt with my trigeminal neuralgia pain. Within about 5 days, I was completely pain free. I'm keeping everything crossed for the same for you.🤞 xx

  2. It’s good to hear you’re feeling a little better (for some reason I couldn’t comment on your previous post) just a thought about standing to shower, is there room on the floor of the bath to put a plastic chair there so you could sit - take the weight off your feet, being able to concentrate by having both hands free instead of ‘hanging on for dear life’
    I’m a ‘skim off the top’ ‘round everything off’ saver as well - using a card rather than cash helps keep the money in the bank so I’ve been doing what you are doing for a while now….and it certainly adds up.

  3. Glad to hear you have had a bit of relief even if it is only temporary - nagging pain is so wearing.
    I like your savings idea - a lot of these new modern accounts and banks have Apps I believe (so my daughter tells me)that will put your money from the main account into 'pots' of your choice - just like the old fashioned way of having tins. I must say I still miss my tins for sorting the weekly cash pay packets - I think I kept them in the loft somewhere!
    I was just saying to DH the other day that it is getting harder to save from the state pension we get - I think I need to reverse and put a sum away as the pension comes in and learn to live on the remainder. I hate the four weekly pension it really messes up my accounting as I have been used to set calendar month salaries for years and can't get to grips with this moving income day.
    Take care x

  4. I am happy to read that your pain has eased somewhat. I love the way you are saving.

    God bless.

  5. It sounds a very good way to save and there's something really reassuring about regularly popping money into savings, however much it is.
    I've never done the 'skim off' thing, just a regular standing order. Maybe I should have a think about it though. Thank you.


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