Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Rough night and Bowen therapy

 Thank you all so much for all the supportive comments yesterday, after my nasty experience in the freezer shop.  That altercation upset me quite a lot, it preyed on my mind later on and during the night.  The woman was just so unhelpful, so rude about me, loudly, to another customer, and didn't even seem bothered about the fact that some of our shopping fell on the floor, as a result of her ridiculous piling up of it all in a very small space.  As a result, I didn't sleep at all well last night as I felt rattled - the heavy rain didn't help, nor did Betty jumping off my bed and making gagging sounds either.  I thought she was going to be sick - fortunately, she wasn't.  Perhaps she'd swallowed a fly!  She soon settled down again though, which is more than can be said for me.

I'm going to have an easy day at home today, sorting out all my clothes.....some to be bagged up for the charity shop, and summer clothes to be put into a lidded plastic box to go under the bed.  I will try and persuade husband to do the same.  I'd like to do some more rows on my caravan blanket too, but have an aching shoulder this morning so that might not happen.  My hip is really painful too, one of those days where I can't sit or stand comfortably.  

On the subject of which....there's a therapist who lives and practises (practices?) in the next village to us, she advertises a lot on our local social media pages and has a lot of glowing reviews.  She does something called Bowen therapy, which I gather is some sort of muscle massage, for all sorts of aches and pains.  It's apparently very gentle, rather than the chiropractic I've had before which was quite brutal.  She offers a free 15 minute taster session, so I've enquired about that - what have I got to lose?  Her full hour sessions cost £40 and she reckons people generally see good results after just 2 or 3 sessions - so if she's right, that'll be money well spent.  Have any of you heard of (or had) Bowen therapy?


  1. Husband had 6 sessions of Bowen for a back problem - did absolutely nothing for him. Chiropractic was much, much better and sorted the problem. Bowen is well-thought of by many - but you pays yer money and yer takes your choice.

  2. Hi Sooze - I tried Bowen Therapy a few years ago but I cannot say it did anything long term for my neck and shoulders (which is the problem I went for) - it might if I could have had more sessions but at £40 a time, and she required me to go at least twice a week, I really felt I couldn't afford it.
    Two things that have worked for me are a deep back muscle massage (usually available at many beauty massage places - my lady does the local Huddersfield Town football players!).
    The thing that has shown the most improvement for my hips, neck and shoulders is somthing called Feldenkrais Somatics - this trains muscles to work again and is very gentle exercise and resolves what they term muscle amnesia (which is similar to the Bowen technique). I saw improvement after the very first session I tried and had a spring in my step all day. It is free too if you follow the You Tube videos. I can recommend The Posture Queen - easy to find by Googling. She has plenty of different exercises to choose from and as she says if you feel any pain with any of them then this exercise is not for you - but there are hundreds of them to choose from so you just try a different one. They work because you do very slow almost rhythmic movement of the joints and muscles, these are quite tiny movements too and you never move a joint or muscle further than is comfortable.
    Doing these exercises does reveal how everything is so connected from the head to the feet. Each exercise is about 40 minutes long and might seem a bit long winded at first but the idea is that you take it slowly as this is where the benefits are - and often the movement has to be quite tiny for the most gain.
    The one for sciatic pain is very good even if you don't suffer from it - it seems to even up my pelvis more as often I have one hip worse than the other.
    Can't recommend this enough and you can try it at home whilst waiting for the Bowen Therapy appointment to see if you get any relief.
    Good luck anyway - having aches and pains and stiff muscles and joints is no fun and feels like Groundhog day sometimes waking up stiff every morning. x
    PS sorry about the essay I have just written!

  3. I remember whether it's practise or practice by applying the rule to advise and advice. In America, apparently, it's practice for both! Hope you can manage your pain and get a better night tonight. I've taken to keeping 2 pain killer tabs out of their foil on my bedside table so I don't wake "him" up scrabbling around for them. I really sympathise over not being able to sleep because something has wound you up. We're off to see our MP on Saturday over an issue that it so fundamentally unfair but was brought in by his party's local council so we don't stand a chance of getting it changed but if we don't try we'll never know. It keeps me awake!

  4. We have McTimmony chiropractic treatment. More gentle but probably not as quick a solution as regular treatment. We go every 12 weeks and I have a deep massage every month inbetween.

  5. I've no experience of Bowen therapy, so can't help there. But if you can have a free taster session, why not? It might work for you, and nothing lost if it doesn't. Have you tried yoga? It might help with your anxiety, and could even help with the pain and sleep. Lots of lessons free on Youtube. I hope you have a better night tonight. Forget the shop assistant (easier said I know). She's not worth your energy. Hugs. xx

  6. Pandemic has brought out some sad attitudes…maybe she won’t be there next time…

  7. I have enjoyed reading your blog about your vacation home so much. I can't wait for you to return in the spring and start again. It seems that you have been so so so happy...redoing the home has been fun I am sure. I read few blogs anymore because the ones in America have been about politics and not getting many of my family and friends have died in the last year and half...19 now...some Covid...some not...I have my third vaccine and despite side effects, I am glad...take care and keep writing.

  8. I would say go ahead and try that therapy. You never know unless you give it a try.

    That shop assistant is not worth your worry about her. This pandemic has really brought out the worst in some people.

    God bless.

  9. That will be money well spent if it helps. That shop assistant had no right to make you feel so upset. A good talking to by her manager might have done the world of good about her attitude.

  10. It is well worth a try, I agree. you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    Try not to worry about that nasty incident (easy to say, hard to do, I know) - she will get her come uppance at some point.


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