Monday, 18 October 2021

For Brenda

 Brenda, to answer your questions.....

Where we live here in the West Country is about 45 miles or so from Bristol, and around 150 or 160 miles away from London.  Not a long way by American standards I know, but it's certainly a long way for us!  

Joy (A Retired Teacher) and Sue in Suffolk both live on the eastern side of the country, also a long way from London, although I don't know how far, and a very long way away from us here in Somerset.

Thank you for your always kind comments on my blog, I know you're a long time reader.


  1. The trouble is with England that a lot of people in the States don't understand is that everywhere takes an age to get to as there is so much traffic and the roads are always busy We don't have room for lovely wide freeways.
    Suffolk is about 60 miles from London - not that I'd ever want to visit!

    1. That's right Sue, and so many of our roads (especially round here) are tiny one-car-width country lanes, which go all around the houses and there frequently aren't any direct routes to where you want to go. So journeys take ages.

    2. Went in 2006 and 2008 as twenty teachers chosen…loved loved loved…studying Shakespeare…loved Stratford upon Avon and Oxford…museums and the Glove London…

    3. I have lived in so many states and driving 10-12 lane traffic whew…don’t laugh…when I moved to Indy in 2017, I drove to my docs six hours for the years until Covid…each way…here in Florida am getting new ones…I love your three blogs so so so much…flying here is cheap so Indy family…someone comes about once a month…son works in California but lives here…keep writing ladies…

  2. Brenda, as Sooze says, I live in the East of England, in the middle of Essex which is north-east of London. It's not too far to the outskirts of Greater London but London's a very big city and it takes much longer to get into the centre unless going by train.

  3. I live in a remote area of Canada though not as remote as some. I drive 100 miles one way to get my groceries and other errands. My first stop sign is 17 miles from my farm and the first traffic light is in my destination 100 miles one way. I lived in the UK in the 70s and totally understand the difficulty in travelling there as opposed to my area.

  4. The one thing we noticed when we visited England (Wales, Scotland as well) was how long it took to get any place. Some roads are so very narrow and winding, it scared me, especially since we were on a tour bus. I give the driver kudos on being able to maneuver around on some of them.

    But the beauty of your country was breath taking, so different from the prairies of Canada. We are beautiful as well, but in a totally different way and with straight roads, and very little winding, we can travel much further in less time.

    God bless.

  5. Thank you
    I love love your blog and both of those also…not far here lol


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