Friday, 22 October 2021

One job at a time...

 ....then a little rest, then another job, I think that's the way to go from now on.

Husband has this morning hoovered upstairs (the downstairs needs doing again, but it's not likely that will happen for another few days 😉....anyway, at least he did the upstairs) and cleared off the bed in my craft room.  It had accumulated lots of stuff, mainly his spare pillows (he constantly changes pillows and just dumps whichever ones he's not using on that bed), a couple of overnight bags (which are meant to go on top of his wardrobe, ditto his spare pillows), some of his junk which he's now removed, and a bag of my yarn and an unfinished crochet project...these have gone into my craft drawer set on the landing.  So now I can stack all the caravan stuff we brought home on the spare bed....we're unlikely to be having any visitors staying overnight anytime soon.

I've made pastry this morning, divided into 4 lots and frozen 3 of them.  With the 4th lot I'm going to be making pasties for our dinner tomorrow evening, probably bacon, potato, onion and cheese.

It's currently looking quite cloudy out, hopefully it'll blow over so I can go in the garden and plant up some pots with Spring bulbs, husband will get the fold up table out of the garage and put the pots on it for me, so I don't have to bend, and lift them down when filled.  The remaining half of the front garden needs pruning and weeding, that may or may not get done today.....probably not.  Well, definitely not.

Haven't had my phone consultation with my GP yet following the MRI scan - apparently they're very short staffed at the surgery this week and it's been postponed to Monday.  Well, I've had the pain for so long now, a few more days isn't going to make much difference.

Thank you for all the kind comments and useful information, it's appreciated very much.

Every time I catch sight of my new Christmas tree in the corner of the lounge, it makes me smile 😀  I'm itching to start decorating it, but will resist the temptation - I don't want to peak too early 😂😂


  1. I do the same, one little job, then I've had enough. I've vacuumed upstairs this morning, and left the vacuum in the hall to remind me to do downstairs, but it might just get put away instead.😄 Tomorrow is another day! Maybe you could crochet some Autumn decorations, to decorate the tree until it's time to do Christmas. Lucy (Attic 24) has loads on her site. Now, there's a thought... xx

  2. I did have a chuckle when I read the line that you had written about your Christmas tree ...that you didn't want to peak to early. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Years ago another blogger put me onto ‘a drawer and a chore a day’. On those days when things aren’t going well/you don’t feel the best just try to accomplish one big thing and one small thing. Anything else is a bonus!

  4. Wind tinsel up the centre post this week. Next week put lights on that tree. The week after add an armful of tinsel.. and then a bit more each day... Go on, you know you want to and it's been a blimmin awful year. :-)

  5. I work in 15 minute increments and then sit for a bit. Well that isn't quite true as I will sit at the sewing machine for at least an hour at a time before getting up and moving my old body around.

    I am glad that your Christmas tree is making you smile.

    God bless.

  6. I had a telephone consultation and asked for some high energy drinks for Tom as his appetite is waning, I was told that I would have to see the nutritionist for this and it could be weeks before I could get an appointment. I give up.
    I think you have the right idea, do a little bit and then rest, that's what I have to do.

  7. If you're smiling each time you look at the tree, then job done for now. How lovely. Maybe just a little bit at a time, so it doesn't stay the same.
    I used to be a 'last weekend before Christmas' decorate girl - now it goes up right at the beginning of December!


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