Thursday, 14 October 2021

Brunch with friends

 Another lovely sunny day, very warm indeed this afternoon, our friends from Kent have had beautiful weather for their holiday here this week.  We met up with them for brunch, then had a mooch around the shops, I bought some books (3 for £5, my favourite thrillers, bargain) and some dog treats, friend D bought a bagful of books! (she does a lot of reading when her husband is on late shifts).  We didn't take Betty, she's not keen on shopping and high streets, especially if they're busy, she gets a bit anxious.  We left our friends early afternoon, to get back home to Betty, D and C went to do some more geocaching - around a nature reserve I didn't even know about.  We're finding out about places here in Somerset we didn't know existed, all because our visiting friends love to go exploring.  They're off home tomorrow.....well, not straight home, they're stopping off somewhere en route tomorrow night and Saturday night.  It's been lovely seeing them.  C retires in January, so we might see a bit more of them next year, they do love holidaying down here.  As for the 'cheeky' offer they put in on the vacant caravan on our park....we knew it wouldn't be accepted, our park owner has already turned down a few higher offers.  The van has been vacant for a long time now, you'd think he'd stop being greedy and set his price a bit lower, then he might actually get a sale!  After all, he's not making any money on pitch fees whilst the van is empty, the previous van owner died a couple of years ago and there were no family members to take it over.

I'm very tired again now, even though I slept reasonably well last night.....I seem to go through the odd phase of feeling totally worn out, I think it's a diabetic thing.  I'll watch the Hairy Bikers and then have an early night.

Going shopping tomorrow to stock up on store cupboard tins and packets, toiletries and cleaning supplies, the idea being that I won't then need to go shopping for a few weeks, as the 2 freezers are well stocked.  With being at the caravan so much this summer, we didn't have a lot of garden produce, but we do still have 3 growing bags of potatoes (husband grows all our spuds in bags), and lots of apples.  I've already prepped and frozen about 6 plastic tubs of sliced apples, we've certainly had a good apple harvest this year, both eaters and cookers.

Husband still hasn't had a date for his prostate op, he rang Yeovil hospital again today and was again told that they haven't yet had a referral from Taunton hospital.  Goodness only knows what's taking so long - the lady he was speaking to at Taunton hospital last week who said she was sending the papers to Yeovil is apparently off now until Monday, so he'll have to ring again then.  It's all so frustrating trying to get treatment nowadays, as most of us know.  


  1. Your brunch and shopping trip sound lovely. What a shame the site owner didn't accept the offer, or come up with a figure he would accept. How annoying that the referral still hasn't come through. I hope your hubby gets some joy on Monday. xx

  2. It sounds as if you are having a lovely time with your friends. I do hope your husband finds out very soon when his operation will happen.

    God bless.


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