Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Decision made

 I've decided I'm going to block my brother for a week.  I've also unfriended him on FB, he's been posting stupid stuff on there and then deleting it a couple of hours later.  My nerves are in bits right now and I just don't want any more stress.  He's making all sorts of promises about changing behaviour but, to be frank, I've heard it all before, many many times, his good intentions don't even last a few days.  I'd be happy to be proved wrong, but doubt it will happen.

I've been to the chiropodist today and had my feet pampered, which was nice.  Now we're back at the caravan, it's been a beautiful warm sunny afternoon, some of our lovely van neighbours are back here, and we're going to spend time just relaxing and maybe having some days out.  We've got friends coming tomorrow for afternoon tea, for our now regular get togethers, looking forward to that.  I did make a lemon drizzle cake today, but the rest of the buffet foods I've bought, so no stress involved in getting it all ready tomorrow.

Very tired, having had next to no sleep the past couple of nights, so will be early to bed tonight.  I've also got gut trouble, which is down to stress, it'll settle in a day or two.


  1. I think you're wise to have no contact for a time. You don't need the added stress. It sounds like you have some fun times planned. I hope the stress disappears rapidly as you relax. xx

  2. Good for you in blocking your brother for the next week. You don't need the stress and now can relax a bit.

    God bless.

  3. I hope the rest of your week is relaxing. There is a saying, to look at what people DO, not what they SAY. Lemon drizzle cake sounds delicious, I like lemon anything.

  4. I think you've taken the wisest action under the circumstances. It's not been helping you one little bit and you don't need it.
    Have a lovely and restful time and I hope everything settles down not you have removed such a source of stress for a while.

  5. Just checked my blog - and yes - several avatars have disappeared, so you're not alone.
    It seems all too common that there's a family member who pulls us down with their communications, doesn't it? I had an email just this morning, long, long email, listing all her woes - illnesses, worries, how people are treating her, why hasn't she got a decent friend who cares for her, etc. etc. I felt fine until I read all of that, but now 'eurgh! I have my own worries and ill health, most of which I keep to myself, and I have no idea how to answer her, or what to advise. Answers on a postcard, please! Sorry, Sooze - I reckon you've done the right thing by blocking your brother's rants. I hope it gives you some respite. Enjoy your get-togethers in the caravan park and put him out of mind. xx

  6. I do not donwocial meeting and am
    Not a fan of it. I read a few
    Blogs. You have made a wise decision. Your life is so good with your new home to visit and enjoy. You don’t need this. When donyounclose up your homemand stop going???
    I have been so excited for you. As to the socializing we are not doing that here. I only see family and I have not eaten inrestairants or with others
    Covid so so bad now because of those who refuse to mask and vaccinate

    Keep writing and telling us about your new home. It is lovely

  7. You need to take care of yourself first.... if you need to permanently block him, then do so without feeling guilty.
    Enjoy your visit and try to relax.

  8. Social media
    Typing on phone is problematic lol sorry
    Love your stories about your new home. Vacation home


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