Sunday, 19 September 2021

Oh to be a dog

 Having watched Betty frolicking around on the beach with such joyful abandonment on Friday, I was thinking how lovely it must be to have such an uncomplicated life and be able to absolutely lose yourself in the simple pleasure of rolling around on a beach in the sunshine, without a care in the world.  If only life were like that all the time.

Well, enough of that, I'm not getting maudlin.  It was supposed to be a rainy horrible day, but it isn't - it's not raining for a start, there's plenty of blue sky in between the clouds, no wind to speak of and not very cold, so there's a bonus for a start.  

I watched the first Strictly show last night and enjoyed it - despite not knowing who half the 'celebrities' were - they do seem to be scraping the barrel a bit now.  Although admittedly, some of these people I don't know because a) I don't watch a lot of television, and b) I'm not a teenager!  I'm guessing the Olympic swimmer will be a good competitor - sports people are very driven and disciplined (and he's got lovely big shoulders and arm muscles, he'll have no trouble throwing his partner around).  The Loose Woman/comedian looks to be a good laugh - whether or not she'll be a good dancer remains to be seen, she's a very big girl.  Not that her size means she won't be - Lisa Riley did really well in a previous series.  And I was quite impressed by Gordon Ramsay's daughter - I didn't realise she was some sort of celeb with her own cookery show, I've never seen it, nor her TikTok videos she apparently does with her father.  I don't watch Gordon Ramsay's shows either, can't stand the bloke.  But having him for a father, she seems quite confident and unfazed by the likely criticism from the judges.  As for the actor Greg Wise - ooh yum, he's a bit of alright, and being an older man, is confident and charming.  Dan Walker I do like a lot on the morning news show, I hope he does well, although he's a bit gangly and didn't seem to have much rhythm in the group dance.  I shall enjoy it all every Saturday anyway.

Went to bed straight after the show, my hip has been giving me a lot of trouble lately and I've had to take more painkillers than I'd like.  I did sleep reasonably well though, having taken a Nytol.  Bit of a nuisance this morning, the gas boiler here in the caravan isn't working, the pilot light is out and husband can't relight it.....he's swapped the gas bottles over in case the gas had run out, but it still won't light and there's no clicking sound when he presses the igniter.  No idea what's wrong, he'll have a word with some of the other vanners when they're awake.....but it does mean I can't have a shower here (I'm not a fan of cold showers!), so will have to go over to the shower block.  Not that it's a problem - except that I'm not really keen on sharing my shower with assorted wildlife - daddy long legs, moths and those 8-legged things with weeny tiny bodies and long spindly legs.  I'm not as terrified of those ones as they're not what I'd call real sp**ers, but still.....I'd rather they weren't in there.

When we had the boiler serviced back in June, the engineer did say that the boiler is very old and we'd most likely need a new one sooner rather than later, so we may have to bite the bullet and do that.  

Decided we'll nip home tomorrow rather than today, apparently we can now book our flu jabs so I'll do that tomorrow at home, my mobile phone signal is a bit unreliable here.  We'll go in the morning so I can get a few jobs done at home, but will be back here in time for tea.


  1. I often say our cats lives are better than ours, oh to be a loved pet! We had our flu jab yesterday, very quick and easy, our surgery is always on the ball, sadly the other surgery in our village is not so well organized, they had their appointments cancelled because they ordered theirs too late and it's been delayed.

  2. I agree, oh to be able to just enjoy the moment without a care in the world! I don't watch Strictly, or anything with the word Celebrity in it for that matter. Like you, I've no idea who most of them are anyway. I hope the boiler is easily (and cheaply) fixed. I think we'll have to wait a bit for our booster jab. Probably November/ early December. As soon as we get the call though, we'll be there! xx

  3. I agree with all your comments re Strictly. Greg Wise is gorgeous, isn't he.
    I can't stand Gordon Ramsey either. Not a nice man, imho.
    I'd heard of more than not this time which I am pleased about.

  4. Sorry to hear about the boiler...Hopefully the assorted wildlife is not in the shower block this time.

    God bless.


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