Thursday, 30 September 2021

Preparing for colder weather

 It was lovely coming back here to the caravan yesterday, we were met with big smiles and friendly greetings from our fellow vanners, asking me how I was feeling following my kind of them.  We feel so welcomed here, finding this place and buying a caravan here really is one of the best things we've ever done.  And it was a lovely sunny day so we could spend time outside chatting.  So nice.  

Apparently there had been torrential rain and thunderstorms during the previous night - I must say I'm glad we weren't here in the van, I don't really fancy being in a tin box whilst a thunderstorm is raging.  Betty wouldn't like it either, she's not a fan of thunder.  We did have the thunderstorms at home too, but, amazingly and a first, I actually slept through it!  Our van neighbours' skylight leaked during the rain, so before we arrived yesterday morning, 83 y.o. Charlie had been up on his van roof resealing it!!  Honestly, he's Superman in disguise I think.

Showery this morning, we're nipping out in between showers (hopefully) to get a couple of things - I need chicken breasts for a recipe this evening.....what I thought were chicken breasts in our home freezer turned out to be skin on, bone in thighs.  I could have adapted the recipe or done something else, I suppose, but I can't be bothered!  And husband needs to buy another pair of tracksuit bottoms - he only brought one pair with him, thinking he's got some here, only he hasn't - only shorts, and it's not going to be shorts weather for the next few days.  I might get another couple of fleece blankets too, can never have enough fleeces.

It was chilly overnight here in the van for the first time, although with fleece blankets on top of our summer lightweight duvets we were toasty warm in bed.  Husband had the electric oil filled radiator on in the bedroom for an hour before bed, it warmed the room up nicely, the electric fire in the lounge does the same.  I'm glad we're here experiencing what it's like living here when it's cold and raining, we can see what we might need to do to improve comfort levels.  There's a chill coming from the single glazed windows in the lounge, so we'll have to think about that.....thicker thermal curtains, or some kind of secondary glazing, perhaps.


  1. Fleece blankets are so useful. We have loads of them.

  2. What lovely neighbours you have. It's a shame you can't move there permanently! Extra blankets is a good idea. How about some rugs to help stop the cold coming up from the floor? No experience of secondary glazing on caravan windows, but I'm sure it can be done. I'm sure you'll make it all very warm and cosy! xx

  3. I was cold last night for the first time since Summer. I can see how having a second home could make you happy, its like and escape isn't it?

  4. We were once in our old converted campervan in Wales - a long time ago- when it snowed. No heat at all. I've never been so cold in my life!

  5. Good for you in figuring out what you will need for colder weather in the van. I am sure that you will be able to plan accordingly for cooler spring weather as well as cooler fall weather.

    God bless.

  6. To lessen the chill from the windows, apply cling film as a winter measure. It would be good to do that before leaving the 'van empty and unused over the 4 month winter break, too. Would it be possible to leave the oil-filled radiator on a very low setting for that 4 months as well? I'm still surprised that you won't be allowed to go and check that all is well for the whole time in the winter months.

  7. I love your vacation home blog…


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