Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Lunch out and the garden finished

 We went to the lovely garden centre in the nearby village today, to have lunch.  We sat outside the cafe - would have preferred to sit inside as they have large picture windows looking out over a beautiful view towards the Mendips, but dogs aren't allowed inside the cafe.  Never mind, it was still nice sitting outside surrounded by some of the centre's gorgeous plants, on another lovely sunny day.  Husband had a Coronation chicken baguette, I had a brie & cranberry toastie, both really well filled and served with salad and the cafe's own homemade delicious coleslaw.  They even brought out a sausage left over from the breakfast serving, and a bowl of water for Betty - how nice is that?

I bought a few plants from there (of course!  Can't resist plants), they grow their own plants rather than buying them in from elsewhere and they're all very healthy looking.  I got an anemone, hellebore and some cyclamen, to go in the semi shady area behind the caravan, now husband has finished clearing it.  The entire area there has been transformed, with the help of our wonderful van neighbour, from the dark and overgrown mess of plant growth and rubbish tip that it was previously, to a lovely partly open, partly shaded bank, with quite a large patio area beside it:-

Both the neighbours and ourselves have put plants in, once they get established and grow they'll fill out the area.  There's a plant sale in the neighbouring village on Saturday, so we might get a few more.  The bird bath is the one we found hidden amongst the rubbish behind the caravan.....can't imagine why the previous owners didn't use it, it's lovely.

The plumber is coming tomorrow to have a look at the boiler....I do hope he can fix it, it's a blimmin nuisance having to boil a kettle all the time.  How people managed years ago when nobody had running hot water I don't know, we really are spoilt nowadays.

I'm getting on quite well with my crocheted caravan blanket, another 6 or 8 rows should see it finished, apart from sewing in all the ends and doing a border.  I've decided to make another one for the van, that'll be a good project to keep me occupied during the winter months at home.  We'll also have a good look on the maps to see about places to visit next year, and will have a chat about the caravan in general, and whether there's any more work we want to do or anything we'd like to change.  Husband has said about putting shelves up in the wardrobe, which is a great idea - shelves would be far more useful than just a hanging rail.

I don't know how long we'll be able to keep the van - I guess it depends on our health (well, husband's health really) and assuming that the van doesn't fall to bits anytime soon!  Well, it is 30 years old after all.  It's in pretty good nick though and provided we keep it well maintained, which we would do as long as we are able, I hope we can keep it a good few years.  Site fees are paid up until next June, and I've already got the following year's fees saved up, so hopefully we'll have the van for another couple of years at least.  It's become such a big part of our lives that I can't imagine not having it.


  1. Isn't it lovely having a nice meal (cooked by someone else) in pleasant surroundings. Your shady area is going to look lovely once everything has grown and filled out. You'll notice the difference when you return next year! The bird bath will keep you and Betty entertained, too. I have 2 bird baths and several dishes of water in my garden and I love to watch the birds (and next doors cats, not at the same time, she quickly adds!) using them. I hope you're able to enjoy the van for many years to come. I can tell it's given you a real lift. xx

  2. Looking far better. Hope the yappy dogs can't get in?

  3. Your back garden looks wonderful. Such an improvement.

    I hope you enjoy your caravan for many more years.

    God bless.

  4. I'm sure that van is going to bring you pleasure for many more years Sooze. It's lovely reading about the time you spend over there.

  5. Aww, hope you can enjoy your van retreat for many more seasons! The rejuvenated bank looks great, I love the pheasant berry bush, who knows, you might get visits from pheasants as they absolutely adore the berries.

  6. Your lunch out sounds lovely, and even Betty was spoilt. You've put such a lot of effort into your caravan, I hope you can enjoy it for many years to come.


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