Saturday, 25 September 2021

Friday and Saturday

 I slept very deeply last night, for a very rare change.  Woke up just before 6 am in the middle of a dream where I was on a small boat.....can't remember any details but I did feel panicky.  No doubt it means something profound in dream language, but I'm not googling to find out!  It's now an hour later whilst I'm typing this and still not properly light....I really don't like these dark mornings.

Going to a plant sale in the neighbouring village this morning, apparently there will be stalls selling garden related things too and, somewhat bizarrely, sailing related things.  Well, not that bizarre I suppose, as it's in aid of the RNLI (lifeboats charity, for overseas readers).  It's dry, if a bit grey, at the moment...showers forecast this afternoon though.  Some sunshine forecast for tomorrow, then showery for the whole of next week.....good job we're going home on Tuesday.  We've had very welcome good weather for our last long period of time here at the van - we will be back at some point in October, for the last time this season, to do the draining down and all the other things associated with closing the van up for winter 😭

Husband went home to do a few things yesterday, I had a lovely morning here at the van with Betty, who slept virtually the entire morning, apart from when I took her for a little walk.  I made a couple of cards - one for my nephew's wedding, I'm really pleased with it, the other to say thank you to our lovely van neighbours for helping us settle in here and making us feel so welcome.  I'll put up photos of them in due course.  I've got baby congrats ones to do next.  I also did a few more rows on my crochet blanket, which is coming along nicely.  Not too much to do on it now.  I love the colours, it was Lucy Attic24's sweet pea blanket pack, although I'm doing my own thing, not following her pattern:-

Husband's still waiting for his prostate op appointment letter (one of the reasons he went home yesterday, to see if it had come).  They'd told him he would get an appointment within 4 weeks....well, that was 3 weeks ago.  He's been told to ring up if he doesn't hear within the 4 weeks.  


  1. I was referred in February and got a letter to say no appointment available before December. I went privately but can’t cancel my hospital one until I get it:(

  2. Glad you managed to get a good deep sleep it always helps. Love the blanket the colour combination is stunning.

  3. Lovely to get a good night's sleep, although I hate those weird dreams that leave you feeling a bit strange for ages afterwards. I love Lucy's colour sense. I made her Moorland blanket for my daughter, who lives in Yorkshire. I loved the colours so much I was very tempted to keep it for myself.😄 I hope your hubby gets his appointment soon. Waiting for medical procedures is never fun! xx

  4. Those colours in the blanket are just beautiful. xx

  5. Good for you getting a good nights sleep. That always makes the day seem brighter.

    Love the colours in your blanket.

    God bless.

  6. The blankets looking lovely, hope hubby gets his appointment through soon.


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