Friday, 17 September 2021

Feeling loads better

 I've had a couple of days free of family problems now and feel so much better for it - well, that and being here in the caravan, which is definitely my happy place.  And the lovely weather we've had, and I slept really well for the first time in ages last night.  And then yesterday we had such a great time with the friends who came over for afternoon tea, 3 neighbours from home.  They're a lovely couple who recently got married, despite having lived together for many years, and are one of the most romantic and loving couples I know.  The 3rd lady is an elderly widow neighbour, American (from Indiana) and so smiley and nice - she's lived in our little hamlet for about 30 years and knows everybody and everything about our area, she has some very interesting stories to tell.  She made us a beautiful cake, courgette cake with walnuts in it and a lovely lemon buttercream topping, it was just like a passion cake.  S & D, the couple, brought us a beautifully presented basket of fruit from their garden (they have the most gorgeous garden) - apples, pears, plums and a big bowl of raspberries.  Such nice people, we're blessed to have so many lovely neighbours, both at home and here at the caravan park.

There's an autumn chill first thing in the mornings, half an hour with the electric fire on in the lounge soon warms the place up.  We're forecast another couple of sunshiny warm days before showers kick in on Sunday, and then another couple of warm sunny days Monday and Tuesday.  We're going to take a picnic and have a couple of hours on the beach today, for the first time since we've been here at the park.  There's a lovely sandy area of beach near Weston, it's called Uphill, there's free parking on the beach (costs a fortune to park at Weston) and as it has none of the facilities of Weston, it's pretty quiet.  From there we'll go on to the retail park, I've got a little bit of food shopping to do and a warm cardigan I ordered online to collect.

We might pop home on Sunday to pick up our post, husband's waiting for his hospital admission appointment, he was told it will probably be within 4 weeks and that was over a week ago.  I'll probably take some washing home and put it on the eco quick wash - it's very handy living so near to the caravan park....yet far enough away for it to feel like we're having a good break away in a different area entirely.


  1. Fun…I moved here to Florida from Indiana…son bought a condo for me to be here one mile from them and boys…I lived Indiana three years to be near daughter and family…both wanted me lol…glad you are enjoying your new place…

  2. I can tell you're so much more relaxed. It definitely is your happy place. I bet you're both glad you took the plunge. You are so lucky to have such lovely neighbours, too. Enjoy the picnic on the beach. Sounds idyllic. xx

  3. Uphill was always a wonderful spot, but it's years since we have been there. Weston has a big wooded area to the north of the town, it drops very close to the sea, Sandy bay is close and another lovely spot.

  4. What a lovely, happy post from you, Sooze; it's good to know that you're feeling so much better. The day with such wonderful visitors sounds brilliant - and what lovely goodies they brought for you.
    I hope the weather stays good for you as you have your picnic on the beach, I don't suppose we'll have too many more days when that is possible - autumn is definitely here.

  5. Glad you feel more relaxed and hope you enjoyed your picnic. How lovely to have visitors and goodies.

  6. glad you're feeling more relaxed and settling in to your new happy place.

  7. It does make you realise quite how much these things drag you down after a few days free of them, doesn't it?
    Your friends sound lovely and so does your holiday/happy place. I'm glad (and only slightly envious!!).


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