Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Home and a bargain

 Got home early afternoon yesterday to a pile of post - nothing important though, and certainly no hospital appointment letter.  I unpacked everything, got the first wash load on and then went upstairs for a lie down, as my head was beginning to pound again.  I'm alright this morning, just tired.

We've really enjoyed this last period at the van (other than the migraine), think we were there for almost 2 weeks.  We had pretty good weather, did a few touristy things, had lunch and coffee out a few times, planted up the rear bank garden, in conjunction with our neighbours, and a couple more pots and some winter pansies.  Had lots of lovely chats with our fellow van neighbours and had a really good time.  I got quite a bit of my crocheted blanket done, and made several cards, whilst husband sunbathed (well, slept) in the garden.

Yesterday, before we came home, we had a stroke of luck.  As I've mentioned before, the plumber said our gas boiler (which is a water heater only, as we don't have central heating in the van) is around 20 years old and will no doubt need replacing, sooner rather than later.  Anyway, the site owner's partner told us that another resident, one we hadn't yet met as he and his family haven't been much this year, had a newish gas boiler they didn't use, in fact they'd taken it out.  Turns out they have an autistic son of 13 who is terrified of naked flames, even the pilot light on the boiler, so they'd had to take out the boiler and change to an all electric system.  The resident turned up yesterday morning, by himself, to do some decorating work in his van, so husband went to see him and offered to buy the boiler.  A price was agreed, which husband is more than happy with, and the very nice man even threw in an almost full gas bottle and a CO2 detector as well, for no extra cost.  The boiler just happens to be the exact same make as our present one, just a much, much newer and more up to date model - which is good, as the plumber told us our make of boiler is actually a very good one.  So we have a boiler ready and waiting now, for when it's needed, at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one - just needing fitting by the engineer.

We've decided we're going to eat less meat and less often from now on, no more than 3x a week.  The rest of the time it'll be fish or vegetarian dishes.  I've always liked fish and over the past couple of years have realised I actually prefer fish to meat, although husband is a big fan of steak.  We do both like veggie dishes too, preferably cheese based, we really like cheese.  So I shall be meal planning now based around more fish/seafood and veg meals.  Husband has said he wants smaller lunches too, as he wants to lose some weight....but we'll see how long that lasts, he does have a big appetite!


  1. What good luck with the boiler. I'm glad you enjoyed your time at the van. It's given you a new lease of life. We've been veggie for over 40 years, and now I'm trying to go vegan. I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance several years ago, so dairy is out for me anyway. I do miss a really tasty Stilton,though, but don't fancy the consequences if I indulged!🤢 xx

  2. It staggers me that as an island our national diet isn't more seafood based. We reduced our meat consumption and changed over to smaller plates a long time ago. It took some getting used to but now we can't face a huge plate of food.

  3. That boiler sounds like a good piece of luck.
    My meat consumption has gone down to maybe just once a week - it's done nothing for weight loss though!!

  4. Fantastic news about the boiler, sometimes good things are just meant to happen and this time it was your turn!

    I envy you for your love of fish, I've tried, I'll eat salmon, as long as it's skinned and boneless, prawns and tinned tuna. I'll 'cook' ready filleted and breaded fish & chips, anything else, no thank you. I can't bear the skins and bones and just the thought and smell of it just makes me gag. Pathetic, I know, but can't help it. My Mother was worse, maybe I got it from her.

  5. We have 2 days a week meat free, and 2 days plant based, it works really well for us, I use a much smaller plate the the huge ones in our set, which help portion sizes. Good luck with you new menus.

  6. I'm so glad that the boiler thing is sorted - apart from the fitting thereof.
    Sadly, I do love my meat, especially chicken and steak. I have loads of fish in the freezer though so MUST up that side of things. Maybe have a fishy week!

  7. We find that we can't eat so much as we used to now. Must be old age, lol

  8. That's terrific news on getting that new to you boiler for your caravan. Win Win situation for both you and the seller:) I sure wish I liked fish more than I do.

  9. Brilliant that you have a nice newer boiler on standby, what a stroke of good luck. I like it when good things happen for good people!!

  10. Awesome that you got a new boiler. While I do enjoy fish I don't think that I could eat more than one meal a week. I am trying to stretch our meat dishes by using lots of casseroles and stir fry type meals. Having soup one night a week as well.

    God bless.


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