Thursday, 23 September 2021

Hot water and new life

 Betty was absolutely bursting with energy this morning (more than can be said for me!) so we took her back to Uphill beach for a run around.  Unfortunately, it was high tide (duh, should have checked!) so there wasn't a lot of dry beach available.  Being a damp cloudy day, it was also very blustery, there were several wind surfers in the sea, and the hovercraft rescue people going up and down the beach, keeping a good eye on the surfers:-

Sorry, I know the photos aren't up to much, taken on my phone as usual.

Betty doesn't like the sea much, so doesn't really go in it (just as well, being a short faced brachycephalic dog).  Considering just how blustery and cloudy it is today, with spots of drizzle, and the high tide, there was a surprising amount of people - and lots of dogs - on the beach - although there aren't any in my photos!  So we could only let Betty off the lead for a short period of time - she's somewhat unpredictable around other dogs.  She did have a little run around though.  Another dog, a retriever type which wasn't on lead, was intensely interested in Betty and kept running over to her - fortunately, she was back on the lead by then.  Now, Betty wears a bright red harness and lead with CAUTION printed on it in large letters, but people either take no notice or always say things like "it's ok, he/she only wants to play" whilst letting their own dogs run around Betty off lead.  Well, that's all very well, but they don't take account of the fact that OUR dog most likely doesn't want to play!  Several times I've had to ask people to come and collect their dogs - I do always explain that Betty is anxious around strange dogs and isn't always keen to play, and they're generally ok then.

We didn't stay too long in view of the amount of other dogs (there must have been 12 or 15, with more arriving all the time).  Betty wasn't keen on the blustery wind either, her tail was between her legs whereas, being a Shar Pei, it's normally straight up in the air.

The plumber and his mate are here at the moment, sorting out the boiler - fortunately, it's fixable, just needing a new part (luckily they had it in the van).  Will still cost over £150, but that's better than hundreds for a new boiler.  They've fixed it now, we have hot water again, thank goodness.

And the other good elder brother and SiL have become grandparents, their son and wife had their first child, a little boy called Robin, on Monday, mother and child are well, he was 2 weeks early.  It's the first baby in our family for a number of years, so lovely to have a birth instead of a death.


  1. Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents. I'm glad the boiler was fixable. Everything seems to cost over £100 nowadays, but like you say, better than several hundreds for a new boiler. I've never had a dog, but I do wonder at dog owners letting their pets pester other dogs. Surely it's only polite to ask if you mind if their dog approaches yours? After all, they have no idea of your dog's temperament, just as you have no idea of theirs. The weather has certainly changed today. Brrrrr! xx

  2. So glad the boiler has been fixed and you have hot water again. And many congratulations to everyone on the birth of little Robin (lovely name). Happy times.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about other dog owners saying, they only want to play! Our last dog and my daughter's dog, who now lives with her ex husband were both aggressive with other dogs. You would think that a special collar or holding them tight against your leg might be some kind of clue. How lovely for your brother and SIL to have a grandson, good news for your family for a change.

  4. So glad your boiler was able to be fixed and not have to be replaced. Congratulations on the new arrival. So sad that even a warning on the collar does not alert other dog owners.

  5. Agree with you about people saying dogs only want to play…we always had dogs and kept them leashed…we boarded them for trips…son’s family has a new pup and we have to be careful it doesn’t make me trip and fall…neighbors here leash also but say oh he won’t hurt you etc…I just say…I can’t risk falling…dogs not on the beaches here…unless pet beaches…problematic for kids and elderly so glad them have an area for them…love your posts about the new home…

  6. Congratulations on the addition in your extended family.

    Hooray for the fix on the boiler and having hot water once again.

    God bless.

  7. How lovely to have a new baby in the family again, congratulations to your brother and his wife on becoming grandparents.

    I understand your frustration at people ignoring the warning on Betty's lead. It really worries me that people think it's okay to ignore these special leads and also when try to make a fuss of service dogs when they are actually working with their owners and then have the cheek to be upset if they get told off in no uncertain terms.


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